Tausi is best neck pillow you will ever use

(because it is not one of those airport neck pillows)

Enhanced support, Tausi improves head, neck and back comfort. (Tausi is a pillowcase that acts like a pillow - so you can relax!)

Tausi cradles your head and neck, keeping you fully supported for upright sleeping. Say GOODBYE to neck slump & roll.
Tausi delivers reliable neck support,
back support which results in pain relief.
With Tausi you can travel comfortably, feed a baby, read a book, watch tv, lounge by the pool. Take Tausi where you need comfort.


Say goodbye to fussing with pillows

Say hello to reliable comfort

A Few Reviews, more on Goggle

"I love the versatility, the removeable cover for washing, and the adjustable straps. I am extremely happy to own this amazing pillow."

Gina G.

Portland, OR

"Head and neck position can really affect pain. A pillow cover like this that keeps the head in alignment can really be beneficial in that regard."

Joe Stapleton

M.D., Pain Management

“I can’t stress how good this product is. It’s so good that I will be recommending it at our medical practice to patients with neck and back pain!”

Roxanne S.

R.N., Pain Management

"I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it was. My neck felt supported and head was cradled to me a very restful night sleep."


Portland, OR

"My son had major surgery and needed to spend weeks sleeping upright. The recliner he purchased wasn't adequae to keep his head upright and supported while he slept. Tausi proved invaluable to him. As promised, it kept his head supported while he slept and kept him from having neck pain associated with slumping or his head falling to the side. I would highly recommend this product."

Ravae W.

Lake Oswego, OR

Tausi(mo) means "caring for" in Samoan. Everyone deserves to be comfortable.