A Tiny But Mighty Home: Making The Most Out Of Small Spaces

A Tiny But Mighty Home: Making The Most Out Of Small Spaces

According to statistics provided by Comfy Living, the Tiny House movement is growing steadily and with great benefits to the home owners. The majority of tiny house home owners are mortgage free and have more savings than the average American.

What is not average for tiny house dwellers is the amount of storage space. Storage space is a big consideration when creating floorplans for tiny homes. Some tiny homes cleverly create storage under the floorboard, in the stair tread, or hidden within furniture. Regardless of the location, it becomes imperative to only store what is necessary for comfortable living in a tiny house.

Should a person live in a climate that requires heavy blankets in the winter and lighter covers in summer here is a good bedding trick to save one from using precious storage space. Simply lift your mattress and lay your thick, clean blankets under the mattress. This trick can be used for other flat items. It will only raise your bed mere millimeters and will keep your storage bins free for other items.

Whether you live tiny or are trying to eliminate clutter, storage is always a premium.

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