Dorm Room Evolution: Confessions Of A Mom With A Secret Passion

Dorm Room Evolution: Confessions Of A Mom With A Secret Passion

Getting your student ready for college is exciting and made easier if you start with a plan. A sure-fire way to plan for their pending departure is to create lists of each “room” of their dormitory. A dorm room is much more than a place to sleep and study. Dorm rooms have become a decorative statement piece expressing the lifestyle and personality of its occupant.

The number one question to ask when preparing your college-bound student is how they want to feel when they enter their space. The answer to this question helps to inform the kind of items you purchase (or gather from home) to outfit their home away from home. Some students like a zen-motif, others prefer to showcase their love of music, sports, or art. Having a theme around the décor creates a cohesive oasis that your student quickly identifies with home.

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