Gift Giving

Gift Giving

Flowers, Chocolate, Balloons, Oh My

Purchasing a gift for a loved one during a tender time should be thought through. The standard go to gifts are not always the best choice. There is a lot to consider.

Bouquets of flowers can add a burst of brightness and joy but the smell of the floral selection and the chore of keeping the flowers fresh might be an added burden.

Chocolates are a treat. I’m not one to turn down a nut covered in chocolate or a creamy centered confection but a gift of chocolate can be tricky. Does the chocolate need to be vegan, then do you have refrigeration options to keep it fresh?

What about balloons?  They provide colorful joy like flowers but don’t bring odors.  They float in the corner of a room for a day or two and then the wilted balloons with dangling strings begin to look miserable and cheerless.

What gift should you give a convelascing loved one?  The gift of time is priceless. Helping out at home, making a favorite meal, run errands are always a good idea. Giving the gift of comfort, cozy slippers, a nice lightweight blanket, or special pillow. Also, an activity as a gift, subscription to a new streaming service, puzzles, or paint by numbers.

All in all, giving a gift should be approached with the recipient in mind. Thoughtful consideration gift giving will certainly outlast dying flowers, deflated balloons, and consumed chocolates, oh my.

Photo Credit: Olga Safronov and Hello Sunday

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