Glamping or Camping, Packing is Key

Glamping or Camping, Packing is Key

Camping has so many great benefits like unplugging from technology, reducing stress, fresh air, and increased physical activity. Packing for camping, on the other hand, might be a non-starter.

In our home, we have come up with a solution to aid packing for those spontaneous weekend getaways to the Mountains. It all starts with a sturdy bin or box. The contents of this box are always kept clean and are always replenished.  Having this box taunting us in the corner of the garage is akin to an open invitation to throw our clothes in a backpack and take off - it is truly that simple.

We keep two camping bins: one for the “kitchen” and one for “sleeping.” Our kitchen bin consists of a camping stove with propene, two pots, a frying pan, two coffee cups, two plates, utensils, dishtowels, a washing bowl, collapsible water jugs, matches, and a tablecloth. I know the table cloth might seem unnecessary, but it is these little indulgent touches that I enjoy.

Our second camping bin is for sleeping, our tent, sleeping bags, foam pads, pillowcases, towels, cards, backgammon, a lantern, and flashlights with working batteries. My indulgent items are pillowcases. You can stuff a pillowcase to a perfect pillow density using your clothes or that lovely indulgent tablecloth.


Keep your bins packed with freshly washed and laundered items this way you don’t have to think twice about camping - because you are good to go to the great outdoors!

Photo Credits: Aldeen Li, Vidar Nordii-Mathisen, Chris Holder, Scott Goodwill

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