Home Office Chair, Give Your Back A Break

Home Office Chair, Give Your Back A Break

Covid 19 upended the typical office routine.  Many companies are allowing more employees to work from home full time or even part time.  We have all enjoyed seeing our co-workers home office décor, hearing the occasional bark, and seeing the sleeping cat on a zoom call.  Yet one disadvantage of the home office is the corporate budget to purchase quality equipment.  

Your office chair has either become your best friend or your enemy and perhaps both within the same day.  There are ways to help transform your chair so you can endure yet another meeting or write another email.

While working from home, try to create a space to stand and work from time to time.  Yet when you need to sit, take stock of your chair.  Office chairs are not always comfortable but with some tweaks, they can provide enough comfort to see you through to the end of day.  

Add a rolled towel as lumbar support this can help your back without adding bulk like some pillows.  Ideally you want to have the towel not only support the small of your back but also the sides of your back to provide spinal alignment and slight compression.  Slouch no more and your back will thank you!

Photo Credit: Arthur Lambillotte and Ergonofis

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