Getting Ready To Be Poolside

Getting Ready To Be Poolside

Summertime has one dreaming of leisure pool time, lounge chairs, floppy hats, and sunscreen. The lazy days of summer feels like the one time of year we give our busy selves permission to be idle. 

Before summer begins, take stock of your summer stock!  Is your sunscreen expired?  Do you have both mineral base sunscreen and lotion sunscreen? Are your hats laundered and accessible? Time to rotate your hall closet jackets for lightweight hoodies, sandals and wellies for creek-walking. 

Another fun tidbit as you prepare for summer is to get out those fun summer totes, fill one with rolled up beach towels, a spare bathing suit, flip flops, sunscreen and an empty water-bottle.  Tuck this into the trunk of your car for spontaneous treks to the pool, beach, or river. Just having this tote in your car gives license and unconscious permission to go play!

Personalize your tote to whatever floats your boat! Happy Summer

Photo Credits: Melissa Walker Horn, Taylor Simpson

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