Necking: A Time to Revisit How We Treat Our Neck

Necking: A Time to Revisit How We Treat Our Neck

Necks are often overlooked and taken for granted until they hurt. A pain in the neck is such a ubiquitous phrase that immediately you can relate to the struggle a person is experiencing. 

Do you care for your neck?  I know that I often forget my neck during my morning exercises.  It wasn’t until I started taking tap classes did I realize how vital my neck is to my overall well-being. 

One morning I woke up with a crick in my neck. I tried to gently stretch it from side to side, front to back, and do the full circle roll. My neck was reminding me that due to my poor sleep position, poor reading position the day before, and the poor laptop position while working, my neck was rebelling. No I cannot expect my neck to function in a manner that I demanded after I treated it with disregard. No, I could no longer assume my neck would be pleased with me each morning. 

That evening I had to go to tap class and when your neck is not moving freely, then your whole body assumes a stiffness not conducive to the grapevine move. My teacher dedicated more of our stretching time to explaining the health benefits of caring for our neck.

The neck muscles are vital to our well-being. They protect our esophagus and larynx. These neck muscles  are the structuring to connect us to nutrition and oxygen. The neck also is the store keeper for our past traumas, stress, and anxiety. 

Deep breathing, gentle stretching, light massages are simple ways to care for our neck. Additionally, supportive bed pillows and ergonomic workstations can aid kind neck care.

Photo Credit: Simon Hurry, Gabrielle Henderon and David White


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